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The Mission

A Veteran hoping to build a way to serve all Veterans started “COPYTHAT.US.”  Our mission is to hire primarily disabled Veterans and help them join the workforce by providing them training and opportunity. We are able to achieve our Mission by having our Veterans work in purchasing, support, logistics, programming and administration for sales of consumer electronic products through the Internet. donates a portion of every sale to Veterans Charitable Origination. 

2018 Veterans Day Winners will donate $100.00 to each Veterans charities on behalf of the following winners

Facebook Winners

Bjarne Bjorsvik  #homesfortroops 

Marie Gesellschap #woundedwarriorsproject 

Christopher White #fisherhousefoundation

Instagram Winner

Limonene_Construct #petsforvets

Twitter Winner

Sherry Dwyer #warriors1st


The Company Values

Our values are very simple and direct. Honor, Duty, & Service. CopyThat!