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Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Water Filter Cartridge - LLVFC

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Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Water Filter Cartridge - LLVFC

  • This premium award-winning filter turns regular tap water into great-tasting, crisp, thirst-quenching filtered water using our proprietary high quality filters
  • The vitality filter cooler has a USA patented design with feather edge and silicon seal ensuring no water can pass without being filtered
  • The vitality filter is exclusive and compatible with the vitality indoor series 18 gallon mini water cooler
  • It is recommended that the vitality filter be replaced every month for optimum filtration, but it can last for up to 3 months please refer to the user manual

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  • Manufacturer Little Luxury
    UPC 867707000210
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    Little Luxury Vitality Replacement Water Filter Cartridge - LLVFC

    Product Description

    Little Luxury is a revolutionary filtration and cooling system. Quench your thirst anytime and anywhere with great tasting premium filtered water from the Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler and Filters. Our filters use superior highly absorbent carbon and resin ion. The easy to replace filters are made from food grade materials that pass FDA standards. The Vitality filter medium is certified by NSF, tested by SGS and WQA Laboratories. They remove most common contaminants and impurities that one would want removed. Replacing the filter is as easy as 1,2,3! The Vitality Filter is a proven robust replaceable water filter cartridge that assists in removing impurities such as heavy metals, fluoride and contaminants commonly found in city tap water. The filter is made in such a way that the water passed through the filter unlike other similar filters where it causes a vortex and only filters through partially.


    • Simply insert the replacement filter cartridge inside the Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler and enjoy ice-cold, filtered water
    • The filter is incredibly easy to replace, suitable for young children or the elderly
    • It is recommended to replace the Vitality filter once a month for optimum filtration, refer to manual for filter replacement guide
    • The filter is designed for the water to pass completely through it, allowing the water to touch the majority of the surface area of the medium, unlike other filters which have a vortex within the filter cartridge
    • The cartridge has a feather edge and O ring to prevent unfiltered water flowing past the filter without being filtered
    • The carbon and resin are NSF certified medium