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Oral-B ProAdvantage 6000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (2-Pack)

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Oral-B ProAdvantage 6000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (2-Pack)

  • 2 Handles
  • 3 Brush Heads
  • 2 Premium Travel Cases
  • 2 Charging Stations

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  • Manufacturer Oral-B
    UPC 069055884621
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    Oral-B ProAdvantage 6000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (2-Pack)

    Product Description

    Customizable SmartRing. Personalized Experience.

    Elevate your custom cleaning experience with the multifunctional 360º SmartRing. Visible from every angle while brushing, the SmartRing allows you to see feedback from the pressure sensor, brushing timer and Bluetooth connection with ease. It can also be programmed through the Oral-B smartphone app to illuminate with your choice of 12 colors as you brush.

    Intelligent Brush for Real-Time Feedback

    The Oral-B PRO 6000 electric toothbrush with Bluetooth technology provides focused care as you follow your dental care journey and receive guidance that can be adjusted by your dental professional. Download the Oral-B app on your smartphone and use Bluetooth technology to get real-time feedback while you clean for improved brushing habits. The Focused Care feature allows you to implement your dentist’s recommendations via customizable brushing plans for key focus areas. The Dental Care Journeys feature lets you follow a pre-programmed routine that matches your oral care goals. These journeys include Fresh Breath, Plaque Fighter, Whitening, Gum Health and Ortho Care.

    Extra-long Battery Life

    The Oral-B PRO 6000 toothbrush features a Lithium Ion battery that’s designed to charge with lightning-fast speed, all while delivering long-lasting, consistently powerful cleaning action between charges.

    Oral-B Pro 6000 Modes & Features

    Daily Clean: Comprehensive everyday cleaning

    Sensitive: Lower speed for a gentle clean

    Whitening: Alternates speeds to polish away stains

    Gum Care: Gently stimulates gums

    Pro-Clean: Faster bristle movement for an intense clean feeling

    Visible Pressure Sensor: Lights up and stops pulsations if you brush too hard

    Bluetooth Technology: 2-way communication between brush and smartphone for real-time guidance

    Smartphone not included


    • 2 Handles
    • 3 Brush Heads
    • 2 Premium Travel Cases
    • 2 Charging Stations