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Samsung Tap & Swipe Wireless Audio Radiant360 R1 Bluetooth


Samsung Tap & Swipe Wireless Audio Radiant 360 - WAM1500

  • 1.0 Channel 10-Watt
  • Subwoofer: 5"
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, TV Sound connect
  • Manufacturer Samsung
    UPC 887276066226
    MPN WAM1500
    Color Black
    Condition New

    Samsung Tap & Swipe Wireless Audio Radiant360 R1 Bluetooth

    • 1.0 Channel 10-Watt
    • Subwoofer: 5"
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, TV Sound connect

    Product Description

    • Hear the full, rich sound of your favorite music from anywhere in the room. Designed in our state-of-the-art audio lab in California, the Samsung R1 speaker uses breakthrough Ring Radiator technology to equally project exquisite audio in all directions so wherever you move, you’re always in the sweet spot. Stream your favorite music from your mobile device to R1 speakers using the Multiroom App 2.0 via Wi-Fi.

    • 360° Omnidirectional Sound

      Discover an all-new audio experience that projects rich, balanced sound in every direction. With patented Ring Radiator technology, dual acoustic lenses transmit audio from the speaker in a 360° direction, filling the entire room with sound.

    • 360° Speakers vs. Conventional Speakers

      Conventional speakers transmit sound from only one side of the device and need to be arranged for optimum sound projection. The Samsung R1 projects 360° omnidirectional sound, making anywhere in the room ideal for enjoying the perfect audio experience.
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

      Use your mobile device to stream music wirelessly, connect multiple R1 speakers over your home Wi-Fi network, or connect to a single speaker via Bluetooth. Pair your R1 device directly to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth using TV SoundConnect.1
    • Simple Premium Design

      Featuring a bold yet simple upright design, the R1 adds premium refinement to any space and is the perfect combination of function and design.
    • Multiroom Link

      Use your mobile device and the Mulitroom 2.0 App2 via Wi-Fi to connect and control one or mulitple R1 speakers in any room of your home for the ultimate audio experience.3
    • Easy Intuitive Control – Tap & Swipe

      The intutive top panel interface of the R1 allows you to navigate with ease. Simply tap to control playback, swipe to play the next/previous track and toggle between playmodes with ease.4
    • TV SoundConnect

      Experience a clutter-free home entertainment system thanks to TV SoundConnect, which allows you to pair your R1 directly to your compatible Samsung TV via Bluetooth.1
    • Multiroom App 2.0

      Use the Multiroom App 2.0 to stream your favorite Internet music services. The new, intuitive interface features touch wheel navigation for smooth song selection, direct play from the home screen, and fast menu browsing.2
    • Music Services

      Enjoy some of your favorite Internet streaming music services in high-quality 360° sound. Simply launch the Multiroom App 2.0 on your mobile device, select the service provider and experience the best music the Internet has to offer.