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Sharpie Accent, Highlighters, Assorted Colors, 24 Pack

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  • Manufacturer Newell Rubbermaid
    UPC 071641019539
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    Sharpie Accent, Highlighters, Assorted Colors, 24 Pack


    Pick up a Sharpie® Accent® Highlighters, Assorted Colors, 24 Pack today and have the tools you need to get informed, stay organized and take notes. Stay on the ball with Sharpie Highlighters and keep your hands and your documents clean with Sharpie's patented Smear Guard® fast-drying ink that stays where you put it. This highlight kit includes six bright highlight colors and plenty of them to ensure you have good highlighters on hand for any occasion.

    How Do You Use Sharpie Accent Highlighters?

    Sharpie Accent Highlighters in the Assorted Colors 24 Pack can be used for a multitude of tasks including note-taking, reading, calendar notation, or arts and crafts. A Sharpie Accent Highlighter is a reliable tool that will make important words jump off a page and that special day stand out in your organizer. The Sharpie Highlighter chisel tip allows for smooth gliding across your document with the capacity for both broad strokes and fine lines

    Are Sharpie Accent Highlighters Toxic?

    Sharpie Accent Highlighters in the Assorted Colors 24 Pack are AP certified non-toxic so you can feel safe using this highlight kit in any environment, including around children and pets.

    How Do You Remove Sharpie Accent Highlighter Assorted Colors from Fabric?

    In the event of a Sharpie highlighter bursting or bleeding onto fabric, first, gently blot the stain with a clean white cloth to remove all excess ink. Be careful not to push the ink deeper into the fabric. Next, add stain remover and, using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub stain. Finally, wash as recommended on the garment care label and be sure that the stain is gone before drying. Note: if garment is placed in the dryer before stain is removed, heat may cause the stain to set further.

    What Is Smear Guard Ink?

    Sharpie Highlighters are especially perfect for all those left-handed highlight users out there! Sharpie Highlighters contain Sharpie's patented Smear Guard ink technology that dries quickly and resists smudging; so, you can say goodbye to splotched, messy hands and hello to clean, vibrant work. Sharpie Accent Highlighters will work with most laser and ink-jet printers. For best results when highlighting, allow all ink to dry before using a highlighter over the surface.