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VIZIO SB36312-G6 3.1.2 Premium Home Theater Sound System (New Open Box)

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  • Manufacturer Vizio
    UPC 845226017551
    MPN SB36312-G6
    Condition New Open Box
    Discount Off 20%
    VIZIO SB36312-G6 3.1.2 Premium Home Theater Sound System (New Open Box)

    ***Item is New Open Box - Actual Photos Attached***

    Product Description:

    Take your home audio to new heights. The VIZIO SB36312 Home Theater Sound System with Dolby Atmos® creates an immersive audio experience by producing a cinematic sound that flows around you – even from above. The outstanding audio performance is delivered by a 5-channel soundbar, complete with two dedicated upward-firing speakers that reflect overhead sounds off your ceiling to provide a new dimension of height to your entertainment experience. To add the right kick of bass, VIZIO’s new, wireless slim subwoofer rumbles at frequencies as low as 60Hz, and its discreet size means it can be positioned anywhere -- either place it upright in the corner of the room or lay it on its side and slide it under your couch. Whether its sound transports you into the middle of a roaring stadium crowd or skillfully places the whirling sound of a helicopter flying above you in your favorite video game, the VIZIO SB36312 delivers a wide dynamic audio range of multi-dimensional sound typically found in high-end multi-speaker home setups. Thanks to Chromecast built-in and easy Bluetooth pairing, the soundbar also comes ready for the house party, too. Easily stream your favorite songs in extraordinary detail at levels up to 100dB. Or, pair it with other Chromecast-enabled speakers for a full multi-room setup that will have everyone moving to the same groove. Perfectly suited for a variety of room sizes, the VIZIO SB36312 delivers an elevated home audio experience with a simple set up, all in a sleek, space-saving package.

    • Featuring Dolby Atmos®: A multi-dimensional audio technology that can precisely place sounds anywhere in your room, creating a more immersive, cinema-like experience that puts you inside the action
    • Upward-Firing Speakers: Two speakers in the soundbar, set at an angle towards your ceiling, provide dedicated height audio that reflects towards you from above, allowing overhead sounds to sound like they’re overhead.
    • Dynamic Audio Range: From thunderous lows of 60Hz to tire-squealing highs of 100dB, the VIZIO SB36312 sound system has the audio range clarity and capability to let you hear every sound of your favorite movie, video game, or streaming audio track.
    • Wireless Slim Subwoofer: With a new, slim profile, the wireless subwoofer boasts a 5” bass driver, and packs a solid low-frequency punch as low as 60Hz. The purposeful design allows you to either lay it on its side to slide it under your couch or stand it upright and place it discreetly in a corner of the room.
    • Height Volume Control: Finely tune the effect of the height channels to perfectly complement your room setup, the content you’re listening to, or to your particular preference.